Refund Policy

Workshops and Courses

After purchase, if your course material is upgraded, you will receive the new material for free. We strive to constantly create new and current content.

We do not issue refunds for digital content, so please only purchase with confidence. We are happy to answer your questions prior to your purchase, as well as throughout sales pages and in Q+A sessions.

All sales are final and non-transferable, and the purchaser will have instant access to all course, product, and downloadable material, which cannot be returned.

If you have any technical difficulties viewing or downloading any workshop or course materials, please contact us through our website contact form.


All Supervision purchases are final and non-transferable. However, they can be rescheduled at your convenience. 


By using any resources provided by Behavioral Compass, you acknowledge that Behavioral Compass is in no way responsible for your passing the BCBA®/BCaBA® exam. Students acknowledge that they will receive tutoring paid by the hour, however their exam results may vary depending on factors such as independent time committed to preparation, etc. For this reason, you agree that NO REFUNDS SHALL BE PROVIDED regardless of your exam outcome.

For subscription-based products and services:

Upon cancellation of subscription or services you may be entitled to a partial refund by Behavioral Compass, LLC. The refundable amount will be determined based on the full price calculation for products/services and prorated for products/services already distributed.

Visit our full Terms of Purchase.


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