My Training Experience


I love to mentor and teach!

 Training Experience

My first training experience goes back to the late 1990s when I presented a workshop related to Autism Spectrum Disorders for both special education and general education teachers.

During the ensuing years (nearly 30!), I have successfully provided training, consultation, and teaching to hundreds of parents, educators, direct care staff, and graduate students.

I have been successfully teaching Behavior Analysis at the graduate level of instruction, both in class and online, for more than a decade.

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Over 30 Years of Training Experience

Teaching People of All Ages – Behavior Management for Parents, Therapists, Students, & School Personnel

My trainings have reached a wide array of people. Some of the trainings I have taught are:

  • Basics of Behavior Change for Parents
  • Social Skills for Children
  • Positive Approaches to Reduce Problem Behaviors
  • Behavior Challenges and Solutions
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

I also took part in a debate:

  • Fox, James; LaPaglia, Michael; Miller, Neal; and Wehby, Joseph. 2015. Debate: the Use of Rewards or Incentives. Tennessee Association for Behavior Analysis Conference. Nashville, TN

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Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

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Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology; Master’s Degree in Psychology; and Graduate Study in Behavior Analysis.

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30 Years of Excellence

Proven results. Excellent reviews. Stellar feedback.

About michael

 My Experience

I have trained more people than I can remember. However, here are the stats that I can best recall.

Graduate Students

Parents/Family Members

School Personnel

Therapists/Direct Care Staff


Why Learn With Us?


Over 30 Years of Experience

I’m not the new kid on the block. 


Over 200 Parents

Parents are teachers, too. Sometimes they just need the tools to get better results.


Supervised Graduate Students

The exam required to become a Behavior Analyst is tough. And requires supervised post-graduate fieldwork. I’ve helped students reach their goals.


Adjunct Professor for 13 Years

I have taught online classes at St. Joseph’s University since 2009. For Lipscomb University, I have taught in person and online since 2014.


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Our Team


Trainer | consultant | teacher | supervisor | tutor

Michael LaPaglia

With well over 25 years of experience in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, I’ve learned an incredible amount about how to put the principles, concepts, and procedures of the field into real world practice. During this time, I have learned how to provide high quality behavioral services for individuals of all ages diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum.

I’ve also found that I truly love to teach. And my love of teaching is not just related to teaching graduate students. Over the years, I have found success in teaching and training both colleagues and parents.



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Editor | WEBSITE DESIGNER | social media manager

Kimberly LaPaglia

With over 10 years of experience working for the Disney Food Blog, Kimberly brings her love of writing and research to our team.

With a Legal Studies and Journalism background, Kim enjoys proofreading and finetuning the details.

She’s responsible for creating our website, content management, and social media. As Editor, she manages website content, course materials, and more!

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